Oh When Those ADPi Girls Fall in Line…

By Mary Simeoli, Outgoing Leadership Consultant


A happier bunch of girls you’ll never find than those women participating in this year’s Adelphean Processional and presentation of the chapter flags! Sisters from coast to coast gathered to celebrate the official kick-off of our amazing weekend together here in Dallas, Texas!

A sea of white dresses splashed with hints of blue from pinned-on ribands; the beginning of the processional is a beautiful thing to behold! Past and present members of Grand Council, International Officers, Leadership Consultants and sisters designated by their district proceeded into the ballroom for the first roll-call of the Convention Body.

Chapter presidents, delegates, and alumnae members lined the path with the chapter flags of each installed Alpha Delta Pi chapter. From Alpha, Wesleyan Female College, Macon, GA to our five newly installed chapters (Theta Lambda, Theta Mu, Theta Nu, Theta Xi, Theta Omicron, Theta Pi, Theta Rho) and one reinstalled chapter (Epsilon Eta) who were presented at the end of the processional – every chapter, and therefore every member, was represented!

Our newest active chapters with members of the Expansion team!
Our newest active chapters with members of the Expansion team!

The beauty of the processional (beyond the obvious beauty of our sisterhood) is that it is a tradition that brings us all together – literally and symbolically. It is the first time the Convention body meets together, wearing ribands that mimic those our six founders wore on their muslin dresses all those years ago on a warm spring day in 1851. Through this imitation we are connected to our founders and pay tribute to their legacy, which we are so much a part of. The presentation of flag not only represents the individual woman carrying it forward, but all of the members past and present who were brought into our sisterhood with that specific chapter designation.

photoThis year, having served as the residential consultant at the University of Central Oklahoma for the newly installed Theta Xi chapter, the processional brought a particular sense of pride. Seeing my that flag presented to the Convention Body for the first time served as a reminder of just how deeply in my heart, I love ADPi.

This year was a year of vast growth and I know that pride was felt by so many sisters sharing this weekend with us. The International Officers, alumnae members, Consultants and collegiate members that made the expansion of our sisterhood possible were also represented in those six flags this year.

It was an amazing beginning to our amazing weekend!



  1. Hi Sister, I noticed that when you listed the recently installed chapters and the one reinstalled chapter, you forgot Theta Lambda! You only listed five recently installed and one reinstall and there are in fact 7 not 6!
    EVP for Theta Lambda

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