“Check In” to Grand Convention

Sisters who are on the social media site Foursquare will be earning a Pi-tastic badge when they check in to Grand Convention.

GreekBadge lighter pantoneWe are excited to announce that Alpha Delta Pi has teamed up with Foursquare to offer an ADPi Foursquare badge to our sisters! In order to receive this badge, you have to like Alpha Delta Pi’s Foursquare page and “check-in” to Convention or a chapter house.

For those unfamiliar with the social media app, Foursquare is where users “check-in” to restaurants, events, shopping centers, basically any place and they can earn badges for checking in to similar places. These badges always have fun designs and they are a way for users to show where they’ve been.

Foursquare is great because most restaurants and other establishments offer Foursquare specials, which are free items like appetizers or discounts for checking in to their establishments. Read this blog post from AboutFoursquare about how to get started!

Here's one our tips in action!
Here’s one our tips in action!

You don’t have to be attending Convention to earn your badge. The Alpha Delta Pi badge will also be offered at all of our chapter residence locations that Alpha Delta Pi has claimed on Foursqaure (we tried to find them all!).

The badge won’t expire so when you return for the Fall semester you can claim your badge! We’ve also left tips at every chapter we’ve claimed giving a little bit of history about the chapter or about the house. There are even lists of chapter residences and ADPi history. How many locations can you tick off the lists?

Do you have Foursquare? Let us know what you think about the badge in the comments section! 


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