Find yourself singing “Boom Boom” over the summer?

Rock your ADPi tanks and shades everywhere you go?

Throw diamonds in every photo opportunity?

IMG_1270 (2)

If so, you’re more than ready for ADPi Convention and, more importantly, the ADPi Spirit Squad!!!!!!! (Otherwise known as your fabulous Recruitment Directors!!!)

ADPi Spirit Graphic

While Convention has lots of great meetings and sessions–it’s also going to be FULL of ADPi Spirit!!!

Be on the lookout for opportunities to show how much you love ADPi–from sharing your favorite ADPi chants to showing ADPi love on social media. Of course, be sure to use the #ADPiDallas and the #ADPiSpirit hashtag too!!

Get excited for:

  • social media contests (with prizes, of course!)

  • lots and lots of songs and chants

  • dance parties

  • photo opportunites

  • and more!

Obviously, you were excited for Convention before. Now, we hope you are TOTALLY PUMPED!!!

How will you show your #ADPiSpirit during Convention? Let us know in the comments!



  1. I am bringing spirit sticks, excitement and plenty of adpi bling! Let me hear that Pi Spirit!!!!!

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