How to Make the Most out of Convention as a Chapter President

By: Megan Stroup, Alpha Gamma-University of Missouri, Columbia, 2012-2013 Leadership Consultantmegan 1 As someone who was fortunate to attend Grand Convention 2011 as a chapter president, I am so thrilled to be able to return to Convention again this year as an outgoing Leadership Consultant. (If you are a collegian, advisor or other alumna who has attended Leadership Seminar in the past and is wondering what else you can learn at Grand Convention, get excited!) I believe both these conferences serve a very important—but slightly different—purpose.

As an IMPACT attendee at Leadership Seminar 2010, I developed more pride in myself and my potential as a leader while strengthening my relationship with my sorority. As an attendee at Grand Convention 2011, however, I developed immense pride in Alpha Delta Pi as an international organization and realized how lucky I was to be a part of it.

Megan's Chair back cover for the business meetings.
Megan’s Chair back cover for the business meetings.

One of my favorite parts of Convention as a chapter president (besides all the amazing traditions my sister of the suitcase Mary already told you about here) was being able to participate in the business meeting and vote on issues that affected the International Organization. Changes in the international fees for collegiate members? Chapter presidents get to vote on that! Eligibility requirements to run for Grand Council? Chapter presidents get to vote on that! Deciding who gets to be a voting delegate at Convention? You betcha!

Not only does each chapter president get to cast her vote on various sorority issues alongside chapter advisors, house corporation members, International Officers and other alumnae, presidents also have the opportunity to speak to all the voting delegates in support or opposition of any issue. Because Alpha Delta Pi is an organization for collegiate women, it’s great to see firsthand how much impact our collegiate leaders have on the decisions made within the sorority. And if you’re not a chapter president or another voting delegate, don’t fret! You can still sit in on the meeting and see how a “real” business meeting is run, with a professional parliamentarian and everything!

Another highlight of my Convention experience as a chapter president was being able to witness Grand Council perform initiation for select alumnae initiates. One of these lucky women in 2011 was a direct descendant of our very own founder Elizabeth Williams Mitchell! It doesn’t get much better than that. After initiation, the Ritual and Heritage Director cleared up a lot of ritual questions and discrepancies between the chapters, which was very helpful from a president’s standpoint with an entire semester of ritual ceremonies left to perform.

megan 2My biggest piece of advice for chapter presidents attending Convention this year. Don’t be shy! Introduce yourself to our alumnae volunteers and ask them any questions you might have about Alpha Delta Pi policies or procedures. Make friends with other chapter presidents and collegians and seek out their best practices for leading their chapters. Also be sure to get their social media information so they can serve as your sounding board if you encounter any issues in your second semester of your presidency. Observe, listen and ask questions during all the sessions. Convention is the biggest gathering of ADPi experts in the world, so take advantage of it. And have fun! 🙂

See you in Dallas!


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