Can You Guess Whose Cowboy Boots These Belong To?

Copy of Boots 13


Can you guess which sisters are ready for a boot-scootin good time at Grand Convention?

Boots 19We’ll give you some hints.

  • They visit EO frequently throughout the year but they are not staff members
  • These sisters reside from different chapters.
  • Without them, ADPi wouldn’t be able to function as an organization.



If you think you have an idea, leave them in the comments below! We’d love to see everyone’s guesses.

As a reminder, cowboy boots can be worn at two dinners during Grand Convention, the “Best Dress and Boots” Texas Welcome Banquet on the first night and the “Boots and Bling” Alumnae and Old Timers dinner on Friday.



  1. I am guessing, Grand Council also. And I think I know which boots belong to our International President. Love all the boots and look forward to seeing every bootwearing’ beauty in Dallas soon!!

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