When Alpha Delts Assemble!

By: Mary Simeoli, 2012-2013 Leadership Consultant, Theta Theta-Quinnipiac University

Let’s start at the very beginning (I’ve been told this is a very good place to start…). From the moment sisters of Alpha Delta Pi arrive at Grand Convention there are traditions and showcases of our heritage around every corner.

From our opening ceremonies to our final “good-night” – Grand Convention 2013 will showcase some of the strongest and time-honored traditions of our sisterhood.

Adelphean Processional:

Mary and Jackie
Mary (Right) with Theta Theta’s Leadership Consultant Jackie Mills.

The Adelphean Processional has been the official kick-off of Grand Convention since 1941, when then Grand Council moved our convention meeting to odd-numbered years. The processional began as a means to pay tribute to our founders who, all those years ago, wore blue ribands inscribed with our motto “We Live for Each Other,” upon them, announcing to their peers as Wesleyan Female College their founding as a society.


2011 was the first time my chapter has been presented to the Convention Body; I had the honor of carrying Theta Theta’s flag!

Fun Fact: next to me is Sister Lauren Reidy, Theta Kappa and 2013-2014 Leadership Consultant, who carried her chapter’s flag for the first time!

Today we too have the chance to display and announce our membership in this way! All sisters attending convention who are wearing head-to-toe white are invited to participate. The processional serves as a tribute to our founders – we dress in white and wear blue ribands, too (yes, that’s ribands, not ribbons) – but it also serves as the first official roll call of the Convention Body. Each chapter, active or dormant – has their chapter flag presented and chapter name called. From the Adelphean Processional all members in attendance then sit for the official Convention Photograph. This is a picture of the entire Convention Body. The official portrait is also a long-honored tradition.

Toasts and Toasting Cups:


Since the very first Convention toasts have been offered to fraternity life, the Adelpheans, alumnae, Alpha Delta Pi, and “our future,” today our toasts also include the United States and of course, Canada – we are an international organization after all! While we have always given toasts, the silver toasting cups were added in 1965. A silver, toasting cup engraved with the chapter’s name is now given to each chapter at their installation! Cheers, Sisters!

Cheers to my sisters across the country and around the world! Toasting with the Convention Body in Phoenix, AZ in 2011 – notice the fancy silverware!

The Final Night:

The final night banquet known as the “Diamond Awards Banquet” is a posh and formal affair. Sisters wear formal attire ranging from cocktail dresses to floor length gowns – and come together on the final night of Grand Convention to celebrate our sisterhood and recognize chapters receiving Alpha Delta Pi’s most prestigious honors.

After the banquet we celebrate the close of Convention with the Candlelight Roll Call of Chapters – since 1951 the Convention has closed with a Roll Call (just as it opened), the lights of the banquet hall are lowered and the roll begins – Alpha, Wesleyan Female College, Beta, Salem College… on and on, all members of the Convention Body are given a pen light, and as their chapter of initiation is called they turn on their light. After the two hundred-plus chapter names are called the once dark room is filled with light. The ceremony concludes with the Body recessing and the signing of traditional Alpha Delta Pi songs.

From the Adelphean Processional, to the Old Timers Dinner with the singing of the Convention Song, to the Panhellenic luncheon – Grand Convention is as full of rich and unique traditions as our sisterhood. So pack your whites, prepare your toasts, and meet me in Dallas!

What is your Favorite Tradition at Convention? Let us know in the comments?

Mary Simeoli is a 2012-2013 Leadership Consultant and is from the Theta Theta-Quinnipiac University chapter. Follow her blog My Little ADPi for updates!



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