Convention Memories from Grand Council-Part Two!

Whether this is your first Grand Convention or you’re standing until the end during the Convention Song, Grand Convention is a memory making experience.

Alpha Delta Pi asked our current Grand Council some of their favorite memories from past conventions. Here is part two of their responses.

Tammie Pinkston, International President, talked about the 150th Convention as one of her favorite memories.

district 1 sweaters“One of my favorite Convention stories culminates at our 150th celebration here in Atlanta. I was shopping when I came across these great Michael Simon sweaters with violets all over them. Well, I usually talk shopping with my Mom but I knew she wouldn’t appreciate my delight in finding violet sweaters (she is a Kappa Delta). So, I called the one person that I knew would … Claire Gwaltney. I phoned her immediately and explained that I had just left Parisian (now Belk) and that she would never guess what I found. She said she bet it was the violet sweaters that she had seen as well. So that set us out on a southern state shopping expedition with both of us buying all that we could find. We ensured that our District I IO sisters each had one and we were a big hit at the 150th!”

Renee Iacona, International Vice President of Alumnae Membership, mentions memories from a few Conventions that expresses the spirit of Alpha Delta Pi.

renee 1“[A great memory was] when my chapter, Delta Upsilon, won Golden Lion for the very first time. With Convention being in Atlanta that year, we had over 35 chapter sisters attend the weekend to be there for the moment- it was a special time for those of us in attendance that I will never forget.

[Another memory is] participating in and see Council perform initiation. I was very touched when we initiated Fran Hill (Fred and Fran Hill helped found the RMH) at the convention in Palm Desert in 1993. I spent the afternoon talking to her about the RMH story and their daughter and really understood why we offered the alumnae initiate program at that point. Admittedly then performing initiation for Ferrebee [Elizabeth Williams Mitchell’s ]at our last convention sent chills up and down my spine to know that we were initiating a founder’s descendant who we had helped “find out about her relative” and having her see what this organization is that her “great great great etc” created is a top 10 memory for me.

renee 3Finally inducting sisters who I have admired for years into the Diamond Circle is a memorable moment for me as the IVP of Alumnae Membership.”

Renee said she, and others on Grand Council, still have their “warm fuzzy sister moments” for sisters that have come before and after them and these Diamond Circle moments are great memories with sisters she admires.

Sydnee Jack, International Secretary, shared a picture of the Secretaries (both International and Grand) who were in attendance at Grand Convention in 2009. Pictured,  Left to right, Paula J. Kendrick, International Secretary 2003-2007, Alpha Omicron-Oklahoma State University; Linda Welch Ablard, International Secretary 2001-2003, Alpha Omicron-Oklahoma State University; Sydnee D. Jack, International Secretary 2007-Present,  Alpha Omicron-Oklahoma State University;  Helen Burkhart Prehn, Grand Secretary 1975-79 Omega-Louisiana State University; Pam L. Zimmerman, Grand Secretary 1993-99, Epsilon Tau-Middle Tennessee State University; Tracy L. Gardner, International Secretary 1999-2001, Zeta Omicron-Georgia Tech.


Sandy Davis, International Vice President of Organizational Relations, shared her memories as a collegian, as well as, her memories from the last Grand Convention.

“One of my favorite Grand Convention memories is my first Convention in 1989. I was the president of Xi Chapter, Ohio University, and was there as my chapter’s delegate. Shelley Riggin Muchnicki, who was Xi’s MEVP at the time, attended with me. It was such an eye-opening experience for me because it was an exposure to the big picture of Alpha Delta Pi. I learned a lot about the operational aspects of running a chapter, but I also took away a deep appreciation for the history and heritage of our organization.

I also treasure my time at our most recent Grand Convention in 2011, when I was elected to Grand Council. It was an amazing experience to stand in front of the entire Convention body and be installed into office during the final banquet. I remember looking out into the audience and seeing some of my very closest friends and women who had been mentors to me smiling at me with pride. It was really incredible!”

Now that we’ve shared Grand Council’s memories, let us make more in Dallas! Bring your camera, grab one of you favorite sisters and attend Convention this summer!

What are your favorite memories of Grand Convention? Will this be your first time attending? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments! 


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