Kick-Off Convention Year with a Great DLC Experience

Copy of Epsilon Pi-GSU

Cowboy boots, violets and diamonds may still be far away, 153 days to be exact, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about Dallas. Are you attending DLC? Connecting with your district is a great way to kick-off convention year with a bang and start making those friendships that will stay “Deep in the Heart” until June.

Branch out in Break outs: We know it’s easy to just chat with your chapter sisters but get to know sisters who are in your same officer position during the breakouts. DLC is really the best way to brainstorm and bounce ideas around to get the most out of your new position.  Also you may see these sisters again in Dallas, especially if you’re a chapter president!

Connect with your Advisors and International Officers: With so much Pi Spirit in one hotel, now is the perfect time to network and connect with your advisors, International Officers and Grand Council members!

Don’t forget to gather contact information from sisters you’ve connected with during DLC. Dallas will have lots of fun events to reconnect with your new sister-friends!



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